Initial release

Tensil is going open-source

We’re excited to announce Tensil v1.0.0 is released! To try it out, go to the docs. If you like what we’re doing, please give us a star on Github. Please join us on Discord to say hello or ask a question.

If you’re wondering who we are and what we’re doing, here’s some information from our About page:

We design free and open source machine learning accelerators that anyone can use. Custom silicon for ML is already used by massive companies like Google, Facebook and Tesla, but everyone else has been left out. Small and mid-sized companies, students and academics, hobbyists and tinkerers all currently have no chance of getting ML accelerators customized for their needs. We aim to change that, starting with ML inference on edge FPGA platforms. Our dream is that our accelerators help those people make new applications possible that simply weren’t feasible before.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you do with Tensil!