Getting Started

The essentials for getting started with Tensil


The easiest way to get started with Tensil is through our Docker containers. Therefore, we recommend installing Docker before continuing.


To install from Docker, run:

$ docker pull tensilai/tensil:latest
$ docker run -v $(pwd):/work -w /work -it tensilai/tensil:latest bash

You will be dropped into a shell inside the Tensil container. Run

$ tensil compile --help

to verify that it is working correctly.

Try it out!

Try compiling an example ML model:

$ tensil compile -a /demo/arch/ultra96v2.tarch -m /demo/models/resnet20v2_cifar.onnx -o "Identity:0" -s true

Next up, try a tutorial to learn how to use Tensil.

For Contributors

Installation from source

See the project README for instructions on how to build from source.