Memory manager

Description of compiler memory manager

The memory manager is responsible for allocating and freeing, when necessary, memory objects. Memory object represents a series of memory addresses (memory span) with associated tensor dimensions. The scheduler uses dimensions to ensure the correctness of the dataflow. In addition, the memory manager is tracking pending constants found in model nodes. The pending means that when the frontend processes the constant, it is unknown if it will become a memory object or be used as a parameter to one of the HIR operations. When a pending constant becomes a Const memory object, it gets emitted as a part of the model.tdata file later used by the driver to place into host memory. The memory manager also emits a memory map for Consts and Vars memories. Such a map is included in model.tmodel file to inform the driver of the memory layout to place the content of model.tdata file, as well as model’s inputs and outputs.

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